Our philosophy

We successfully take advantage of individual opportunities in a qualified way: on the basis of a holistic philosophy we are able to fulfil the dearest wish of many childless couples by giving nature a helping hand with medical expertise as well as great empathy. 

You are not alone

About one couple in six in Germany is involuntarily childless. There are plenty of reasons for this.

There is hope

We wish to help those couples whose dearest wish is to have a child of their own. We succeed in the majority of  cases. Our team of experienced and empathic doctors, biologists and medical assistants will accompany you throughout your sometimes arduous course of treatment. And quite often, they may recognise opportunities which have  previously not been taken advantage of.

We work holistically

We know that by the time a couple arrives in our Fertility Clinic they have often already been through a long and distressing time filled with uncertainties and self-doubt. Therefore, we do not merely concentrate on the medical necessities, but also on the entire person – on you and your desire to have a child. We welcome you with all your worries, questions and fears. We advise and accompany you personally, confidentially and holistically. Depending on your wishes we will develop your own individual treatment plan according to your particular needs.

Your goal is our goal

We cannot give you a guarantee that you will be able to have the child you long for. What we can promise you is that we shall leave no stone unturned in our efforts to fulfil your wish. We shall do so with the greatest possible sensitivity and on the basis of the latest supportive techniques. Often our joint efforts will be rewarded with success – and you will be able to joyfully hold a little bundle in your arms a few months later.